Adventures of the Windy Depths and the Birth of the Donkey Punch Crew

March 1- June 3, 642

Chandler and the Master of the Guard Sardo Numbspaw met. It was hate at first sight. J’Horum courted the Nornin Cabal who were building a Tower of Magic in Stronhaven. They dangled membership into their elite club in front of him… they were sure he’d be able to join some day.

Gak found a rumor of treasure while drinking around town. Shawn the noob adventurer, who is looking to fund his Heroic Schooling by the Shield’s of Stonhaven told him an Oracle told him that there is a magical item is in a place called Old Metrius somewhere near Merwick and that Three evil eyes swirled around it, protecting the Fabulous treasure.

Cade met a stranger who told him of an old legendary adventurer named ‘Daga’. He was a great hero who was known for his amazing shield. He was Buried awhile ago somewhere East of Stronghaven. His adventuring partner ‘Rook’ is still alive and somewhere and may know where the shield is.

In the interest of self promotion the gang decided to name itself The Donkey Punch crew in honor of the Death-Donkey who pulls Chandler’s death cart everywhere with them. Cade commissioned a Donkey Punch Brew to complement the promotion.

The DPK take a Job to deliver a strange dead animal from an eccentric old woman to a chef in Merwick as well as escorting Merron Curric to her meeting with the Dean of the Collage in Esterhall.

On the way there Cade joined a bunch of dancing lights one night and got a root Baby. They they laid low a group of Gnolls with ease before dropping Merron off in Esterhall. Then they destroyed couple of Trolls before delivering the Ingredient to Chef Buddy Cisco of the Ninja Guarden in Merwick. Happy to have some money again, they hit the bar.

A week later they’re still in Merwick due to a storm. They discover 2 interesting individuals; Targus a reclusive hermit who lives near Chimera’s Cove. It is being held captive by hobgoblins and he came to Merwick to find help. Getting nothing from the Council of Storms he offers his boat as the reward. Second, a calmly captain named Teera who offers to split a treasure with the PC’s. She sails , they face any danger. As well Chandler finds out some more about Metrius.

They decide to journey to the treasure island with Teera. They sail to the island and explore it for a few days until they find a cave housing two Gorgons. They slay the Gorgons only to be confronted by Teera and a bunch of her men, who were hoping the gorgon’s would have finished them off. A battle ensues and most of the team fall to the sleep poisoned arrows, Cade saves the day, punching his way through their ranks. A few of the flunkies escape but the DPC quickly recovers and race after them, hoping to take their ship. After a grueling race through the island jungles the DPC catch the thugs on the beach and quickly capture them.
They interrogate the lone survivor and find out about the pirate’s treasure trove island. They sail to the island and liberate the pirate’s ill gotten booty and return to Merwick.

They find Targus still desperately looking for help and agree to help him for his ship. They sale stormy seas to Chimera’s cove and are assailed by many deadly monsters including Water Elementals and Banshee’s who felled the Wizard J’horum with their unearthly screams. The crew barely gets through but they finally make it to Chimera’s Cove where they meet the dwarven raised wood elf warrior, Lil LeBowSky who answered Targus’s call of help.

Together they infiltrate the village and rescue the villagers from their hobgoblin captors. They find out that the hobgoblin’s are waiting for reinforcements who are bringing some key items to open up a hidden cavern in the cove. They ambush the reinforcements and use the items to enter the hidden cave system.

They crash their way into the hidden harbor and confront the Leader of the hobgoblins. Polture, the grandson of the man who made the secret cavers is there to liberate a deadly monstrosity, which he plans to use to rule the entire sea. They fight but he lures them into the hold of another boat where a Hellcat and it’s Mimic minions laid in wait. Narrowly escaping death due in no small pat to Targus, who turned out to be a Werebear but in the commotion Polture escaped. They found a magic bow and arrows on the ship and then rested before perusing the rouge further into the caverns. Gak notices a spector who’s watching them from the shadows.

After regaining their strength they continue on. They fight Seaswarn Undead, a marine chimera in a deadly trap and Mud creatures. While rushing forward they are stopped by the sector Gak had seen earlier. It explained that it was the one who built this place and it was here he died trapping a terrible construct, known as the Terrakin, a monstrous amalgamation of a ship and an undead dragonturtle. The ghost had been trying to reason with his grandson, knowing that the boy would probably be killed by the beast before he could master it but to no avail. Desperate he tells the DPC everything her knows in the hoped that they can prevent the monster’s escape.

They confront Polture in an alter room with a giant floating water droplet. They dispatch the boy almost instantly but unbeknownst to them, release the eater elemental in the giant floating droplet who had been the power maintaining the hidden caverns. Though they talk their way out of fighting it the magic holding the water out of the caverns is now destroyed and the place was filling with water.

They go to the Terrakin’s prison and try to confront it there but find it a too powerful opponent to take on directly so they retreat to the Hellcat’s ship that Targus had readied and sail out into the cove. There they play hit and run with the behemoth until it finally overcomes to our hero’s firepower and sinks. Elated that their duty of watching the cove is over the villagers hold a massive party. Though most of them would be leaving this desolate place soon they agree to rename the village Chandler’s cove.

His name cleared and his work done, Targus agrees to sail with the DPC who officially make Lil a part of the Crew and return to Merwick. There they leave the ship in Targus’s care and take a good rest before making their way back home to Stronhaven.



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