Sgt. Rikknash

The sleepy Stronhaven town guard and liaison of the Duke.


- A short, grizzled war vet with an odd way of speaking.
- He is either a tall, thinner dwarf or a short, stocky human. No one seems to know for sure.
- He runs the town guard for Duke Verro Legatus who he’s followed for years.
- Though an effective leader, he is often hard to find because he is fond of taking naps in the strangest places.
- Acts as the contact for the Duke’s Bounties and jobs.

- He gave our heroes a mission to hunt down and destroy a pack of ghouls.
- After Orcs raid Stronhaven, he gives the party a scouting mission to find any of the ones who escaped the town guard.

Sgt. Rikknash

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