Jackery Starsmite

Crippled ex-adventuring bartender of means


Rumors surround the one-handed barkeep of the Virtuous Jackal. True or false he seems a kind soul with a special place in his heart for those who would seek adventure. He does what he can to accommodate and help them in their endeavors.

- Runs the Virtuous Jackal as an Adventuring Guild.
- Sometimes offers free room and board to down-on-their-luck adventurers.
- The Wall of Daggers is a wall in the tavern where people form far and wide post the dangerous jobs that heroes look for.
- Got our heroes their first job, protecting a pompous noble to Grov.
- Told Chandler about the thinly veiled racist actions of Master Sardo Numspa. Warned him that is will only get worse.

Jackery Starsmite

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