Orc Raid on Stronhaven

Dec. 20, 641 - Dec. 28, 641

With fall in full swing and the chill of winter overtaking the land we find our heroes with their holdings failing. J’Horum, Chandler & Cade returned to the Virtuous Jackal to find new adventurers to fiance their lives. Screams arose from outside as they were finding out that no new jobs had been pinned to the wall of daggers and that a new adventuring group had started taking local jobs. They exited the tavern to find an orc raid in progress. After Driving off the orcs Sgt. Rikknash offered them a job scouting out the local area to find if there were any remaining orcs nearby, who escaped.

After meeting many people and running from a sure death in the maw of a Landshark they found the remnants of the raiding party hiding in a destroyed farm. Our heroes were unable to deal with their large numbers but escaped to report their location to Duke Verro’s men-at-arms.



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