Quest for the Map of the Gypsy King
January 3 - February 20, 642

We rejoin our heroes, just after the turning of the new year. Gak had been quite a social butterfly, finding many new lovers, some happeier to meet him then others.
Our heroes, Cade, Chandler and Gak wanting new adventures and gold. They decide to peruse the rumor of a shadowy man named the Gypsy King who has a map to a fabulous treasure. Horhe, Gakk’s underworld contact tells them that they can find the Gypsy King in Esterhall at the Brother Down Bar.

After once again enlisting the services of Lee they go to the fight farm and defeat an Ettin with little effort and gaining fabulous winnings. Having lined their pockets with gold they set out to Esterhall. On the journey they meet Teneley Xanril on the road, she’s a tattoo artist headed to the docs in Stronghaven to give tattoos to any fishermen that want one.

After defeating some ogres on the journey to Esterhall, they Find the Gypsy King selling “extracurricular alchemy” to students from Esterhall college in the Brother Down Bar. They agree to get back his lost book from the local barracks with great pageantry and he sells them a treasure map for 75 gp.

They meet Marila Hiddereth, “The Dean” of Esterhall Collage and she tells them to see the Kiliks for further missions. They return to Stronhaven.

Pausing only for getting supplies in Stronhaven, they head out but decide to stop by the fight farm. After Defeating an enormous toothy lizard and making some good money on bets they continued south. The road was hard and they nearly lost their lives to swarms of swimming snakes but they eventually make it to the Burning Desert.

First they stumble on a small village of Tieflings called Mepha. There the people get by, through the harvest of Cactus Fruit. Next they stumbled on a town knwn only as Oasis. There they met some folks who looked to hire them to escort them to Stronhaven. They agree, but only after the treasure is found.

They set off again and follow the map to a large dead tree near a unique rock formation that looked like a bench. They chopped open the tree and shimmied down into the dark. There they found an ancient crypt, as well as a cold firesnake. They agree to help the firesnake make a heat source, large enough that it may become a Salamander. Laden with treasure, including a magical warhammer of a great hero from the Western kingdoms, our heroes picked up their fairs in Oasis and made the long journey back to Stronhaven, killing a Landshark on the way.

Orc Raid on Stronhaven
Dec. 20, 641 - Dec. 28, 641

With fall in full swing and the chill of winter overtaking the land we find our heroes with their holdings failing. J’Horum, Chandler & Cade returned to the Virtuous Jackal to find new adventurers to fiance their lives. Screams arose from outside as they were finding out that no new jobs had been pinned to the wall of daggers and that a new adventuring group had started taking local jobs. They exited the tavern to find an orc raid in progress. After Driving off the orcs Sgt. Rikknash offered them a job scouting out the local area to find if there were any remaining orcs nearby, who escaped.

After meeting many people and running from a sure death in the maw of a Landshark they found the remnants of the raiding party hiding in a destroyed farm. Our heroes were unable to deal with their large numbers but escaped to report their location to Duke Verro’s men-at-arms.

The Goblin Barrows
Oct. 16 - Oct. 29, 641

The Dude, J’Horum, Chandler and Cade decided to take on the challenge of finding out why children were going missing from their homes in Mistmill.

On their first journey to the neighboring town they encountered many hardships including finding a monument dedicated to the water goddess Melora that was surrounded by unhallowed grounds and protected by angry spirits. Though they managed to escape, thanks mostly to divine wards, both Chandler and J’Horum were aged by the encounter.

After a brief encounter with a colony of darkly skinned farmers who dress in brightly coloured clothing, our heroes made it to Mistmill. Though the town guards made Chandler relieve himself of the stack of bodies he had collected in his death-wagon, the party quickly found the leader and protector of Mistmill. Justice Gaspar Hippolytos, a Gnome Paladin, leader of the diminutive knights of Clavor and protector of the town. He filled our heroes in on the happenings around town. They set up a watch to stop any other abductions but the fiends managed to steal another child.

Unperturbed, the party followed the kidnapper’s tracks into a nearby swamp and down into their lair. Inside they faces many traps and much treachery. The elven Druid, Dude lost his life in an encounter, but our heroes pressed on. They rescued a new ally, a half-orc ranger named Gakk, from the goblins and eventually interrupted a dark ritual being performed by the goblin’s leader. The goblin shaman had been using dark magic to bolster the monster’s numbers by deforming and twisting the children into new goblins.

Though they were unable to rescue all the children or kill the shaman, our party put an end to the dark ritual and returned the survivors to their parents in town.

Ghoul Hunting
September 20 - October 2, 641

With their riches quickly depleting from investments and life style, our hero’s once again converge on the Virtuous Jackal. After meeting a new adventuring enthusiast named Zip Poppenschtuf the group decided to tackle the ghoul problem to the northwest of Stronhaven.

Their first attempt to find the undead terrors ended tragically as their new partner Zip was brutally killed by a giant boar. After a quick return to Stonhaven to bury the gnome they set off again, this time with a strange elvin druid known only as The Dude.

After gaining valuable directions from a strange agricultural community they head out of the farmlands of Stonhaven, tracking the undead into the plains where they eventually confront the monsters in a cave small system. Though over matched by a greater number of the cannibals then expected, their teamwork prevailed. They returned to Stronhaven, elated that the Deathcart was full of treasure instead of the body of a companion this time.

Escort Lord Bottomoot to Grov
August 21 to September 7, 641

While in the Virtuous Jackel tavern in Stronhaven, Cade Shatterstien; the talkative halfling merchant monk, Brita Clearwater; the wide-eyed halfling cleric of nature, J’Horem Banefist; the knowledge seeking human wizard and Chandler Jerell; the opportunistic tiefling thief are informed of a good paying job to escort a Lord of Covalan to the village of Grov.

The impolite but powerful emissary to the eastern empires, Lord Bottomoot needed an escort along with his carriage and two servants to his official retinue waiting for him in Grov after having a falling out with Duke Verro Legatus, Protectorate of Stronghaven who was to provide the protection.

In need of money, agreements were quickly made and the party was off by the morrow, leading the lords carriage with Chandler’s Deathcart. Though they faced bandits, death dogs, swarms of carnivorous insects, broken bridges, razorvines and even an assassination attempt on their charge, they managed to arrive in Grov a day ahead of schedule thanks to Brita’s navigation skills and the teamwork of the party. Our new heroes were rewarded not only by an almost thankful Lord Bottomoot but many unforeseen treasures along the way.

What was that strange island that Chandler found, where everything was a clockwork construct all about? Maybe some day we’ll find out.


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