Escort Lord Bottomoot to Grov

August 21 to September 7, 641

While in the Virtuous Jackel tavern in Stronhaven, Cade Shatterstien; the talkative halfling merchant monk, Brita Clearwater; the wide-eyed halfling cleric of nature, J’Horem Banefist; the knowledge seeking human wizard and Chandler Jerell; the opportunistic tiefling thief are informed of a good paying job to escort a Lord of Covalan to the village of Grov.

The impolite but powerful emissary to the eastern empires, Lord Bottomoot needed an escort along with his carriage and two servants to his official retinue waiting for him in Grov after having a falling out with Duke Verro Legatus, Protectorate of Stronghaven who was to provide the protection.

In need of money, agreements were quickly made and the party was off by the morrow, leading the lords carriage with Chandler’s Deathcart. Though they faced bandits, death dogs, swarms of carnivorous insects, broken bridges, razorvines and even an assassination attempt on their charge, they managed to arrive in Grov a day ahead of schedule thanks to Brita’s navigation skills and the teamwork of the party. Our new heroes were rewarded not only by an almost thankful Lord Bottomoot but many unforeseen treasures along the way.

What was that strange island that Chandler found, where everything was a clockwork construct all about? Maybe some day we’ll find out.



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