The Goblin Barrows

Oct. 16 - Oct. 29, 641

The Dude, J’Horum, Chandler and Cade decided to take on the challenge of finding out why children were going missing from their homes in Mistmill.

On their first journey to the neighboring town they encountered many hardships including finding a monument dedicated to the water goddess Melora that was surrounded by unhallowed grounds and protected by angry spirits. Though they managed to escape, thanks mostly to divine wards, both Chandler and J’Horum were aged by the encounter.

After a brief encounter with a colony of darkly skinned farmers who dress in brightly coloured clothing, our heroes made it to Mistmill. Though the town guards made Chandler relieve himself of the stack of bodies he had collected in his death-wagon, the party quickly found the leader and protector of Mistmill. Justice Gaspar Hippolytos, a Gnome Paladin, leader of the diminutive knights of Clavor and protector of the town. He filled our heroes in on the happenings around town. They set up a watch to stop any other abductions but the fiends managed to steal another child.

Unperturbed, the party followed the kidnapper’s tracks into a nearby swamp and down into their lair. Inside they faces many traps and much treachery. The elven Druid, Dude lost his life in an encounter, but our heroes pressed on. They rescued a new ally, a half-orc ranger named Gakk, from the goblins and eventually interrupted a dark ritual being performed by the goblin’s leader. The goblin shaman had been using dark magic to bolster the monster’s numbers by deforming and twisting the children into new goblins.

Though they were unable to rescue all the children or kill the shaman, our party put an end to the dark ritual and returned the survivors to their parents in town.



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