Quest for the Map of the Gypsy King

January 3 - February 20, 642

We rejoin our heroes, just after the turning of the new year. Gak had been quite a social butterfly, finding many new lovers, some happeier to meet him then others.
Our heroes, Cade, Chandler and Gak wanting new adventures and gold. They decide to peruse the rumor of a shadowy man named the Gypsy King who has a map to a fabulous treasure. Horhe, Gakk’s underworld contact tells them that they can find the Gypsy King in Esterhall at the Brother Down Bar.

After once again enlisting the services of Lee they go to the fight farm and defeat an Ettin with little effort and gaining fabulous winnings. Having lined their pockets with gold they set out to Esterhall. On the journey they meet Teneley Xanril on the road, she’s a tattoo artist headed to the docs in Stronghaven to give tattoos to any fishermen that want one.

After defeating some ogres on the journey to Esterhall, they Find the Gypsy King selling “extracurricular alchemy” to students from Esterhall college in the Brother Down Bar. They agree to get back his lost book from the local barracks with great pageantry and he sells them a treasure map for 75 gp.

They meet Marila Hiddereth, “The Dean” of Esterhall Collage and she tells them to see the Kiliks for further missions. They return to Stronhaven.

Pausing only for getting supplies in Stronhaven, they head out but decide to stop by the fight farm. After Defeating an enormous toothy lizard and making some good money on bets they continued south. The road was hard and they nearly lost their lives to swarms of swimming snakes but they eventually make it to the Burning Desert.

First they stumble on a small village of Tieflings called Mepha. There the people get by, through the harvest of Cactus Fruit. Next they stumbled on a town knwn only as Oasis. There they met some folks who looked to hire them to escort them to Stronhaven. They agree, but only after the treasure is found.

They set off again and follow the map to a large dead tree near a unique rock formation that looked like a bench. They chopped open the tree and shimmied down into the dark. There they found an ancient crypt, as well as a cold firesnake. They agree to help the firesnake make a heat source, large enough that it may become a Salamander. Laden with treasure, including a magical warhammer of a great hero from the Western kingdoms, our heroes picked up their fairs in Oasis and made the long journey back to Stronhaven, killing a Landshark on the way.



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