Ghoul Hunting

September 20 - October 2, 641

With their riches quickly depleting from investments and life style, our hero’s once again converge on the Virtuous Jackal. After meeting a new adventuring enthusiast named Zip Poppenschtuf the group decided to tackle the ghoul problem to the northwest of Stronhaven.

Their first attempt to find the undead terrors ended tragically as their new partner Zip was brutally killed by a giant boar. After a quick return to Stonhaven to bury the gnome they set off again, this time with a strange elvin druid known only as The Dude.

After gaining valuable directions from a strange agricultural community they head out of the farmlands of Stonhaven, tracking the undead into the plains where they eventually confront the monsters in a cave small system. Though over matched by a greater number of the cannibals then expected, their teamwork prevailed. They returned to Stronhaven, elated that the Deathcart was full of treasure instead of the body of a companion this time.


Uhm, we “buried” Zip? I clearly recall selling him to Dave for 5 bux.

Ghoul Hunting

LOL! Just noticed this!

Ghoul Hunting

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